Sarah Cooper
I always hate doing those 'tell us a bit about yourself' questions.
Yet... I suppose that would be the best way to start a fresh Blog.
So here goes:

Name: Sarah Elliott
Live: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Age: 30 *hand over mouth* mrrrfflllllppp years old
Presently I am 'technically' still a Single Parent though I am engaged to be married.
Mom to 4 boys who are my life and my life line... 11, 8, 6 and 4 years old.
Yes, that's 4... ALL boys.
I know my place in Heaven is reserved in that special placed for Mother's with only Sons.
Yes, I'm tired.
Yes, I'm stressed.
Yes, my house looks like a post war-zone most days...
BUT it is never boring.
No, I have no idea how I do it, I just do.
No, I wasn't planning a baseball, basketball or football team.
No, I have no frikken' clue what half the stuff is in their pockets at laundry time. Some questions are better unanswered, trust me.
I work from home, though at present I'm on sabbatical due to some medical problems with son #3. He's home with me for most of the day and needs constant supervision. I will be resuming the regularly scheduled work program as soon as the issues with him are settled. When I am working I am an 'artist' working with paper and recycled materials (old Cd's, books, boxes, tins etc...) making the world a better place by reducing, reusing and redecorating as much as I can.
I'm a Christian, part of a VineYard 'plant' (home group) we host here in our living room Wednesday evenings.
For fun I scrapbook, read and love baking. When the weather here in Ottawa allows I garden and get outside as much as I can.
Any other questions, please don't be shy... I don't bite... much. lol
The Bi-Line describes my life pretty well:
Life with 4 boys, a fiancee, a dog, a bunny, a home-business & an ex... etc... etc...
Some days the cup is 1/2 empty... Some days the cup is 1/2 full...
Look forward to Blogging at'cha!
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