Sarah Cooper
Garden Center... oh, let me count the ways I love thee... *sigh of pure contentment*
Oh yeah.
Nothing makes me happier than green, growing, pretty things... fleurs especially. I seriously could waste more time in any 24 hr period in a garden center than I ever could scrapbooking. For those that know me that says a lot! lol
For 2 years we've been working on a total re-do of the backyard. This year... we will be DONE. For those that haven't seen it before this was Summer 2007:

By the end of Summer 2007 we had a shed up and were starting plans for a patio of some kind, as of yet undetermined. Then we saw this fantastical wonder: on a friends blog. Perfect! We were low on funds and high on uh... 'child labour' with 4 willing (though grumbly) boys to help.
Like this:

Then we spent a weekend as a family making 1 BIG jigsaw puzzle in the yard with smashed patio stones, turned upside down:

Which led to this by end of Summer 2008:

But also left us with this, just outside the yard:

Since then we have enclosed the dirt pile in a box make of old railway ties we were FreeCycled. It's sat waiting all winter. Tomorrow we're going to put in 3 lilac trees and cover the rest with Washed River Stone (the same as in the Bunny Garden) and be done... yes, I said DONE.
I'll still have my many, many, many plant pots in the yard to fill to excess of overflowing from the pretty-pretty-perennials from the Garden Center, but all the annuals will be done.
So happy with how it all came together.
God, do I ever love Summer!
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